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Hello everyone, I am a new member of biggerpockets.com, this is my first post, wanted to ask few questions to any member who experienced eviction before. I really appreciate it. 

          I have purchased my first MF property in late 2016 in Malden area, and begin living in one unit, and rented second unit to professional squatters ( thanks to my real estate agent who did not do any screening, I found out later tenant was collecting unemployment when he signed the lease ) . After struggling almost 6 months with legal process, finally I was able to evict the tenant in mid Jan 2018. It cost me close to 20,000 $ ( owed 10,200 back rent, 3,500 $ lawyer, 3,100 $ mover, plus cleaning cost of trashed 2 BR unit -  they were smoking weeds everyday, it took almost a month to get rid of smoke smell )   

- My first question is should I go after tenant for back rent ? I know I have very little chance to get any money but I want to have eviction record in their credit. I have a judgement against father and his 2 adult daughters. I never seen them working during their tenancy over a year. 

- My second question is that can licensed mover company charge me full amount despite of having removed only one third of tenant's belongings from the apt. ? I and mover agreed for 400 $ per room , and they charged me total of 2,400 $ for each of 2 br, small office, living room, kitchen, and basement even only they removed a small bed, sofa, and few boxes tenant wanted to keep, and left everything else in apt, including, a big bed, 2 big dresser, wardrobe, tables, computer desk in all rooms, and a sets of furniture in basement which I have all pictures . I had to pay extra 700 $ to a junk company to remove the rest next day. I tried to call owner of the mover company but he did not return my voicemail. Do you think is it worth sending demand letter to mover company, at least for a fair bill ? 

Thanks in advance

Hi Ugur,

Congrats on buying your first MF! House Hacking is a great way to live (when you don't get squatters!)! The state of MA protects Tenants for just about everything which I'm sure you know!  Check out the Mass.gov link below that goes through a lot about being a landlord.  


Do you have a contract with the mover?  Does it say that they won't take certain items or are there reasons that they wouldn't have taken everything?  

I'd definitely make sure that any future tenants get a full background check that you review before letting them move in to the unit.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much Jon. Lesson learnt, anyway overall I am still happy with my decision to buy MF despite of everything.  

yes, I do have a contract with mover, which mentions both 400 per hours and 400 $ per room. It sounded fishy but I had no choice. They neither worked 6 hour nor removed everything from all rooms. I also had verbal agreement with him before signing lease for 2000 $ but it could be less based on what is left in unit he stated.

Thanks for your response.

Absolutely take them to small claims court for all money owed. It is something you can probably do yourself fairly inexpensively and you never know when it will pay off. If they ever want to get their life in order the first thing they will need to do is pay you off.

Small claims court is well worth th etime and money. 

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