Rough Estimate on Triplex Insurance Costs in Boston

2 Replies | Boston, Massachusetts

Hey all,

Is anyone willing to share what they're paying for insurance on triplexes in the Boston area, specifically the 02124 zip code? I put an offer in on a 3br/1ba condo in Dorchester and the HOA was run pretty horribly, I just am wondering if there might be room to save money on what the building is paying for its insurance.

Thank you so much!


If you are buying a condo, I would think you want to know about the Master Insurance policy. It will really depend on the history, size, by-laws, etc. You could find out the last time the association got a new quote, I would think. Perhaps shopping it around is a viable option.

Hey @David Cahill exactly, I didn’t word that quite the way I wanted to but yes I think I am going to start shopping around for a new policy. Was just sort of curious if there was an easy apples to apples comparison but sounds like probably not. Thanks!