What's a great place to meet other investors?

3 Replies | Boston, Massachusetts

Does anyone have really good meet up groups they attend regularly?  Ideally I'd like to go to event with more experienced investors instead of the newbiew events if possible.  Let me know if you have something in mind!

@Marc Winter haha 

@Jason Forman There should be a decent amount of REI event in your local area if you check BP or Meetup.com there should be events that pop up. Something that would help to find more seasoned investors or people actually doing business are more paid events. Given that there's a lot of tire kickers in this space, going to an event that charges an entry or private membership should help eliminate some of that.

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I have found that Black Diamond REI Insiders is a really great opportunity to meet people in the real estate investing field. They allow you to go up in front of everyone and introduce yourself and say what you're looking for in terms of deals or services. You can find them on meetup.com or there is a facebook group that you can request to be a member of. There is also a north shore real estate investor group that I found helpful as well.