How active is the multi family market in Metrowest, MA today?

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While I am not in the metro west and I am on the north shore. We are still seeing a lot of property come on the market, both smaller multis and single-family. They are still going under agreement pretty quickly. My assumption is that people are operating under the premise that by the time they finish renovations the virus may be winding down and if they can time it right, they could hit the market on the upswing. I would guess, that it's not all that different in metro west. There are probably active investors out there.

Still new listings coming on everyday and at the moment a several BOMs (back on market) because of financing issues and buyers getting laid off. 

Houses on the market today with value will not be on the market in two weeks given our market absorption rate at the moment. 

Agreed, Worcester is super hot.  Even the junk is selling, things with no parking on busy streets built into hills!  

Seeing a lot of back on market lately.  As stated above, Worcester is flaming hot.  Seeing many properties moving in Lowell as well.  Big turnouts for 3 and 4 unit buildings.