Rental units in Bell Hill area

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Good morning!

I have recently taken over a 2 bed/ 1 bath and 1 bed/ 1 bath unit in the Bell Hill area of Worcester.  The building has gated parking, in-unit washer/ dryers, and a management company.  I'll be visiting the units this weekend to assess their condition, but I expect they will need new flooring and possibly new cabinets and appliances.  

I'm not familiar with the going rental rates for Worcester, as I live out of state now.  What is reasonable to expect for rents in the area?  

Any insight and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


@Sean Maginess

For a 2/1 with a washer dryer and also depending on sq footage I would think 900-950. For a 1/1 I would say between 800-825. It depends on condition as well as when its ready to rent... now is a better time for a rental then winter 

Hi Steve,

Units are in good condition and will just need paint, new appliances, and new flooring. Just normal wear and tear from tenants that have lived there for 10+ years.  I'll hopefully have them turned around in a couple of weeks and ready for tenants by mid July/ August 1st.