Newbie making an Introduction

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Hello! My name is Kerie and I live in Worcester County, Massachusetts. I am a seasoned real estate agent with 12 years of experience. I originally got into real estate 12 years ago while looking at investment properties to flip. To date I have not completed a flip! After finding BP I am newly inspired to follow my dreams once and for all and buy my first flip. I am currently watching every webinar that BP offers and watching multiple BP podcasts every day. I am a single mom with some debt (currently paying down) and the skills to wholesale, find deals, stage and sell. I have a SF home that is too small to hack but I do have equity in it to possibly use as my down payment. 

@Kerie Choiniere hi I'm newer investor out of Grafton. I'm on my second deal in Leomister with the same contractor as my first deal in Holden. Both are flips, we split equity in the 1st deal and the current deal I just loaned him money.

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