Western Ma newbie

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There is one in Rockyhill Connecticut which is about 25 minutes from where I live, Suffield CT, so I guess another 10 minutes for you. Their next meeting is the 20th of this month. The place is the Wood N Tap at 7pm. You can also get a hold of Stephanie Cabral here in BP as she will host this meeting. It is free, the room is in the back and the only thing asked is to buy something from the restaurant/bar. If I go you can look for me, Carlos. Take care.

Chris there is mention of one in Manchester, CT that has just started up. Check under Connecticut real estate. I can't find it right now but it was in the last day or two mention of it. 

If you search "Central Connecticut Meet-up" you will find the thread. Our next one will be the beginning of May. I will update the thread when we have a time and place. 


Hi Chris, welcome to BP.

This is a great place to learn. Make sure to listen to all the BP podcasts, read the articles on the main blog and be active in these forums to learn a ton very quickly about any topic in real estate you want to know more about.

This is also a great place to meet people that can be assets to your business. Lots of great connections all over but we also have a very strong and active contingent here in MA on here so make sure to find them (Set up some keyword alerts to find out about local topics) and get connected.

Besides doing that on here make sure to get out to some of the many local investor events we have. Not as many options out your way. I didn't know about this CT one everyone chimed in about so nice to hear more things are going on out that way. That being said probably the best one for you to check out is the Western Mass REIA in West Springfield. Good group and definitely the closest to you. Going the other way the Black Diamond meeting in Worcester is another one to check out. Unfortunately those are on the same night so probably should figure out if you are more interested in going west or east when deciding. The Worcester meeting is only every other month (they alternate with their Waltham location, April is a Worcester month) so you can try both and even if you like BD can still hit up Western Mass the other months. Many other options if you come father east too.