Lead Certs - Springfield MA

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Hello BP,

I am looking to purchase my first multi family house, one of the areas I'm considering is Springfield, MA.  So of coarse now I know lots of horrible information about lead.  https://springfieldhealthyhomes.org/lead/

I was wondering what happens if I buy a house that does not have lead certs, but is occupied with tenants?  Is it just not an issue or would I be required to to lead abatement if they move out? or if they have a kid?  

Also lead abatement sounds expensive.  Anyone ever do it?  

In general I feel the best thing is to avoid places without lead certifications.  I"m also very close to buying a lead test kit for myself, the house I live in was built in 1940...

Thanks for any thoughts,


You will not have to conduct lead abatement until the unit is occupied by a tenant with a child under 6 years old. 

There are many houses listed in Springfield that promote lead free, so if you are really tentative, those would be good options.

With the DIY home test kit for your personal home, remember, if you know there is lead you will have to disclose to future buyers. If you have a child and are concerned about lead then I would skip the home test kit and hire a professional. I have seen somewhat ambiguous results from the home kits and wouldn’t bother again. Of course, our painter just tasted a flake of paint to test...

Thanks for the reply John.  I would very much prefer to find a place that has lead certs.  Without them it sounds like the worst case is your tenants have a kid and I'm guessing you would be forced to do the lead abatement.  

There seem to be a lot of people who agree with you about the lead test kits, the reviews online are very bad.