WMass/Greater Springfield MA/Hampden County

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I’m looking to connect with people in the area and develop a broader circle of like minded individuals. Flippers/Rehabbers/Landlords/Wholesalers/Agents/Contractors/Lenders/Whoever...

For as active an area as this is it certainly seems to be lacking on these forums. 

I’m currently in process with a flip in Enfield and Springfield. I’ve used direct mail, PPC with FB and google ads, and word of mouth for referrals but I am still looking for more leads. Anyone know of any wholesalers who actually come through with viable deals financially? Also interested in your experiences with different GC’s and handymen and your preferences toward either. 

I’m in process of getting my sales license, I think the ability to view houses and handle my own transactions can free things up. 

I am a full time investor so I would love to branch out and hear your experiences. 

@Dave Grimson - that seems to be the only one and I haven’t been yet either though I do plan on going sometime soon. 

I see you have your real estate license has that been helpful in your investing endeavor? If you are actively selling homes and you understand the numbers from an investment standpoint maybe we should talk further. I haven’t really found many investor/agents yet.

@Travis Phillips Yes, I do still hold my RE license but not currently buying and selling.  Originally went for my license to gain some experience and exposure to the industry, I did a few deals but it was always for the purpose of investing.  It serves its purpose and I will keep it for my own use and to view properties when I want but it was always a side gig - my career has taken a lot more of my time along with a couple kids!

I'd be open to catching up sometime, I noticed you have done some marketing which i'm just getting my feet wet in - would love to pick your brain.

Also, have some experience with construction and contractors with projects and I used to work in construction back in the day!

Let me know if you'd like to grab a cup of coffee sometime

I would definitely take a look at it. 

I use Fitzgerald Attorneys at Law


They have offices in East Longmeadow (right outside of Springfield) / Springfield and Hartford which is CT 

They're an extremely reputable firm and work with flippers/wholesalers/agents and so on from the area.

I specifically use John E. Drost in the EL office - though every attorney at the firm is top-notch. John is very easy to work with - let him I know sent you if you decide to use him.  

@Jim Iorio

Hey Jim! I’d be interested in taking a look as well

I use Tyler and Tyler law in Enfield. Good friends of the family and who I use for everything. They do a great job. Brigid Tyler-Murray is my contact. Let me know if you want me to connect you