Contractor Recommendation Medford/Summerville, MA

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I am in the planning stages of a Triplex condo conversion in the Medford/Sommerville area.  Any general contractor recommendations would be appreciated.  Please let me know why you are recommending the contractor and if you have personally used them.  The budget of the project will be about $200,000 and we expect to begin work in July/August time frame.  Contractors are welcome to contact me directly as well but please include appropriate contact information.  Thank you

Yes I can recommend one. I have worked with him on my personal home Reno project and I have seen some of the houses he built in Sudbury. Call Sander Alves on 508 seven 4 zero  4064. Also if you are looking to mentor someone, I am all ears :)

Keep us posted. I am local in MA as well..... I can be your boot on the ground.

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