I am new to real estate and work in accounting, so please forgive my ignorance as I am still learning. I live in Los Angeles and am native to Southern California, but lived in Boston for seven years.  Boston, like Los Angeles, has a very hot real estate market since there are many high paying jobs in the Boston area.

Does anyone have any multi-family rental property in the greater Boston area and in particular the areas of Cambridge and Somerville.  Will any of these properties cash flow with a mortgage at current valuation if you seek off-market properties?

For the newbie to the market according to this,

Massachusetts is the most tightly regulated market for rental property management and that there are horror stories, perhaps for small business owners who manage the properties themselves, who mismanage tenant relations. 


Also, Opportunity Zones provide preferred tax treatment for real estate investments. In addition to the normal depreciation of the building and improvements over a period of 27. 5 years as an expense on paper for tax purposes, if the property held for over 10 years there is no capital gains tax on sale of the property.  So there is no depreciation recapture tax on sale of the property at personal income level on sale of the property.  However most Opportunity Zones were supposed to be allocated to difficult low income areas, and one is supposed to add value to the area (not just take what you can get), but not all opportunity zones are near low income areas.


Looking at the map there are not many areas allocated to Opportunity Zones in the greater Boston area.  Just curious is anyone familiar with any of these areas?  I am still in the research and relationship building phase.

Much thanks for any advise that anyone could provide.