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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about the Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate market.

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Hard Money
Tyler Lyons Last post by Tyler Lyons, over 3 years ago
Tyler Lyons Tyler Lyons 4 over 3 years Jump to last post
Benjamin McClellan Last post by Benjamin McClellan, almost 4 years ago
Benjamin McClellan Benjamin McClellan 4 almost 4 years Jump to last post
Grand Rapids Property Inspector recommendations?
Jason Carter Last post by Jason Carter, almost 4 years ago
Jason Carter Jason Carter 3 almost 4 years Jump to last post
Looking for an investor friendly title company.
Steven West Last post by Steven West, almost 4 years ago
Steven West Steven West 9 almost 4 years Jump to last post
Multifamily Real Estate Attorney
John Cohen Last post by John Cohen, about 4 years ago
John Cohen John Cohen 1 about 4 years Jump to last post
New to Investing - getting involved
Justin Richards Last post by Justin Richards, about 4 years ago
Justin Richards Justin Richards 4 about 4 years Jump to last post

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