Building my Team for Real Estate Investing

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Hi everyone, 

I am looking for new members to add to my team. If anyone has any recommendations for team members in the Grand Rapids area I would love to contact and work with them. I'm interested in purchasing a fourplex that brings in $2,000-$3,000 annual income the first 5 years. Attorneys, agents, lenders/brokers, contractors, insurance agents, property managers, accountants, architects, property tax consultants, income tax consultants, Estate planners, Environmental companies/industrial hygienists, surveyors, structural engineers, etc. I'm all about networking a meeting people who can help forward my real estate investing business. 

With a team that big it looks like you have a lot of hands in your pocket for a four Plex

I've found a lot of helpful people in Grand Rapids. @Paul Leason is a great investor-friendly agent, he's an investor himself, and went above and beyond to help me. @ Tim VandenToorn is a property manager I recommend. And there's a bunch of others who have been helpful as well, including @Brandon Krieg , @Jake Thomas - I'm sure you'll get more comments on here.  

Yes, that is a lot of hands in my pocket for a fourplex @Jonathan David . I wouldn't be using almost half of them for the fourplex, but will certainly need them down the road on what I am trying to accomplish in my real estate business and financial goals. 

Thank you @Jason Carter I appreciate the help and the number of people you recommended. I'm hoping I will get more comments on here as well. 

Hello @Seth Myers , as Jason said, Tim VandenToorn would be a good resource. He is a property manager and does real estate investment of his own. He knows a lot of people in the industry and could help in building up your team. It is important to get the right people, as the market is so hot right now, and you're not the only one looking for them :) Good luck and happy hunting!

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