11-Unit Rental Portfolio

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Hello West Michigan Crew,

I'm thinking about selling my 11-unit rental portfolio. Three properties (4-unit, 4-unit, 2-unit) have shared parking and property lines, and the last is a SFR about 10 minutes from there that has very stable long-term renters who will be there for at least 3-4 more years until their daughters graduate high school. They're all profitable and doing well, but unfortunately they can't be a priority for me right now with three little ones at home and a very busy job.

All of these properties are in good areas of town- no ghetto, near WMU and Kalamazoo College campuses and the social areas in downtowns Kzoo. I have more than 70% professional renters, not all students, and have put about $80k into improvements in the last year. 

If anyone is interested in hearing more about them please shoot me a note and I can share the details.

Or, shoot me a note to tell me I'm crazy and that I shouldn't sell them...

Don't sell them if you don't need to, hire a management company like Jaqua, they have been great with my Portage home..but if you have to sell, would love more info...thx

@Nate Miersma I agree with them, for tax reasons alone. I try to give the government the least amount of my money as possible.

Have you considered owner financing the deal? If you were to sell that would be another viable option to avoid such a large tax hit all at once.

I'm an investor in kalamazoo I would like to see them, if your serious if not keep them you may be sorry later man ,send me some info I mostly invest in kalamazoo township and portage area and a little kalamazoo city.  

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