Is Airbnb currently legal in GR if you don't live at the property

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Hello Grand Rapids BPer's,

I went the RPOA Expo this pass weekend and became very interested in trying out Airbnb on a property I have in Heritage Hill.  A few ladies behind me told me they think its illegal?  Looking for advice?  Would love to here from anyone that is currently doing Airbnb in Grand Rapids and or in the surrounding areas?  I was thinking of buying some houses in Wyoming, MI to try it out on if my Heritage Hill house is not an option.  Thanks!

If there is a mortgage in place that might make it illegal. Usually at closing one of the many documents you signed is one that says you will not use that property like a hotel. I do not know how many days/months something has to be "rented" for to make it a rental vs. hotel.

I have no info for you but very interested in this topic as well. Guessing there is different tax implications to consider as well when doing Airbnb. 

From what i have heard, the city of grand rapids is very strict on it.  It must be owner occupied, it can only be one room, no more than 2 guest, and it cant be within 300ft of an existing unit.  You also need a license.  I would contact the city or the RPOA office to confirm this.  I dont know about wyoming, my thought would be that they are less strict because they dont have the hotels fighting it.

Thanks @Justin Workman ! That's basically the same info I gathered from the people around me at the expo. @Sean Larson I didn't know that info was part of the mortgage paperwork. Thank for bringing that to my attention! I am going to call surrounding cities to see what there policies are.

Hi Bryan, 

I know that at one point in 2014, the City of Grand Rapids limited rentals. On paper, you are required to get a license, and the building must be owner-occupied. As the speaker said, however, it depends on how averse to risk you are. I know for a fact that there are several whole-house listings on AirBnB for Grand Rapids right now.

Be careful, as HH has rather zealous neighbors who may blow the whistle on you.  

I'd be curious to hear how you experience goes. Would you respond on this thread once you go ahead with your plan?

Good luck!

I'm interested to hear what you find out as well! I have also seen entire homes listed on AirBnB in GR recently.

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