Thinking of looking into Grand Rapids

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I have looked at some listings for GR that are available online. I am interested in a REI realtor in that area. I am interested in Buy and Hold but I would like to connect with someone with some experience in the area.

Hi! I am a local GR investor and I would highly recommend @Paul Leason as an investor/realtor! I have worked with him for almost a year and he has done a great job and has a lot of experience with multiple investment strategies! Check out the local REI meet-ups as well! Good luck!

Thank you Jackie.  I'm just getting started on a search for a good market to invest.  I'm in CA and realistically I can't do that here.  

@Hipolito Mendez If you are looking in GR I can help. I am am active Realtor that works with investors. Reach out if you have any questions. 


I would highly recommend Frank Boenzi from Keller Williams East - he is an investor and agent who will bust his tail to land the deal!

I recommend Jake Thomas up there as a Realtor, working with him right now in finding a house and his experience is obvious and very helpful!

Thank you all with your help.  I am excited to possibly start looking in GR.

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