DeltaPlex Area (Grand Rapids / Walker, Michigan)

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Hey BP - I'm a metro Detroiter looking at buying an off-market deal near the DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids / Walker. I realize that's the best area of Grand Rapids, but can anyone offer any more insight on the area? Up and coming? Old and busted? Gentrifying?

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whoops...meant to say "may not be the best"

It depends on exactly where it is. Kenowa School district branches into the neighborhood just west of the Delta-Plex. If this is a flip that plays into this. Most homes sell for $130-170K in that area depending on size and updates. 

If its farther out into Walker then the value might be even higher. It really depends on a lot of factors. Reach out if you would like a deeper analysis of value. I sell quite a few home in that area and even just bought one there myself. 


It doesn't have as many of the early 20th century neighborhoods which the east side and near downtown areas have. That can be good and bad. 

It's good, in that it lacks the severely dilapidated neighborhoods with 100 year old houses falling down that nobody wants to touch yet. The near-downtown areas have their share of these neighborhoods which are currently eye sores yet "up and coming". 

It's bad, in that it lacks the historic and rich character that so many early century east side and near-downtown neighborhoods have, with beautiful 100 year old houses full of character that have been well-cared for maintained. Not to say the Walker and Deltaplex areas don't have any of the nicer older homes with great character, there are some pockets, just not as many. 

You'll find more pockets of mid-century neighborhoods in these Walker and Deltaplex areas.  Some of the mid-century pockets are great streets with huge trees and very cool mid-century moderns. Many, however, in my opinion, are full of boring 1960's-1980's ranches and split-levels.

All in all, I'd say it's a safe area for investment in the long-term. Probably won't cash in on the highest highs, also won't get hit by the lowest lows.  

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