Grand Rapids Investors, anyone wanna meet up?

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Hi guys! I've been traveling around the midwest meeting up with other investors as I do. I have helped set up three clubs thus far and I'm going to be coming to the Grand Rapids area next week. Is anyone interested in having a group of investors get together casually over a drink or two to chat about the Grand Rapids market? I'm happy and willing to share my knowledge of what's happening in the 4 other markets I am involved in.

I can meet Wednesday evening, Thursday during the day, and possibly Friday.

Who's up for it?

I would be up for it! Friday would be my only available time though!

@Meghan McCallum
Always like talking real estate. What type of information were you looking to gather?

I certainly would be interested in chatting RE with you. Schedule is open at the moment so let's nail down a time. Work with a few local investors aswell who might want to join. 

I would be interested! 

I will set an invite on the events page for people to join us on Wednesday night. I'm looking to find out as much as possible about the market. Are people getting 2% deals in decent neighborhoods, have multifamiles become less attractive than they used to be because prices have risen dramatically, are people doing lease options and rent to own? I'd like to learn as much as possible.

Anyone who can't make it I do have time on Thursday (except from 12-2, I'm recording a guest spot on a podcast) and Friday morning and I'd love to meet as many other investors as possible.

Hi guys, I started an event's page...RSVP so I can get a spot reserved for us all! I look forward to meeting everyone who can make it.

Meghan- I will not be in town until Thursday evening, but would like to meet up.

Just saw this post.  Missed any chance to meet, but I am new to the Grand Rapids area and would like to start investing.  Anyone have any time to discuss what areas would be good in the West Michigan area?  I'm from the east coast and am just starting to look into opportunities and the associated regulations.

Hi John,

I am always willing to meet up and talk Real Estate sorry we missed you at this last one!


@ John and Nick

If you are interested in Holland let me know.  Shoot me an email I'm flexible most days!  Cal

@Nick, does a group meet somewhat regularly?  I would love to try to make it.

Anyone in this thread looking to connect? Would love to get a drink to further discuss!

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