Wholesaler- looking to expand in to the West Michigan market -GR

2 Replies | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hi I'm a wholesaler in the Metro Detroit market at the moment looking to start wholesaling in the GR (Grand Rapids) area and to provide some great deals to investors . Ive closed deals and looking to expand within the Michigan market and did a little research about the GR area. 

I'm wondering if there are wholesalers, Investors (Flippers or buy and hold investors) and Realtors could help me learn about the good areas in GR (or West Michigan) . I'm not sure if Holland or Muskegnon  are hot market for wholesale deals where cash buyer are buying. I pulled to see where the hot zip codes were which I seen 49505, 49504,49503,49507 etc.) Not sure how accurate that is but any information about the West Michigan markey would be helpful in making my decision.