Baltimore City tax lien for sale

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Please point me in the right direction if I am in the wrong thread....... To elaborate:

A local investor is in need to liquidate 1 (one) Baltimore City tax lien (to free up cash for other project).

The case is already open and we only expect a judgement to complete the foreclosure process. You will take over the case (step in our shoes) and proceed with foreclosure.

Located on 29XX Kirk Ave 21218.

Please forward ALL inquiries to taxlienbaltimore (at) gmail dot com.
Thank you.

Here are the details....

Tax lien itself is $3,000. Plus attorney fees to date (another $2,000) which includes all legal, professional, advertising fees etc accumulated to date.
*****Important - You do not pay any premium on the tax lien amount or on attorney fees.******

You step into investor's shoes - meaning that if/when the owner redeems, you get your investment back ($3,000, collect 18% interest on original tax lien and get reimbursed on attorney fees. If the owner does not redeem - too bad, you get the property.

Let me know if you have any questions about this deal or tax lien investing in general.
Have to sell to free up some money for another project...

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