Tax Lien Property in NYC

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Hi BP, I found a dilapidated property (I think there are squatters living there) in Manhattan with a tax lien certificate bought by Bank of America several years ago. The owner is an LLC and I can't find any contact information. Does anyone know how I can go about acquiring this property? Thanks!

@Deondra Carter You are not likely to get anywhere with Bank of America. You are going to have to track down the owners of the LLC. I don't know the best way to do that in NY. Perhaps a private eye can help.

IN MD we have a site SDAT that lists LLC information and who the resident agent is. Also you can look up properties owned by the company and look for mailing address and lastly you can look for properties they bought or sold and see who signed the deeds and mortgages.

Ned how do you using the MD site look up all the properties purchased by an LLC in MD?

@David Kosiorek   Go to:

This is the land records site. Search by grantor (seller) or Grantee (buyer)

LLC info is at the SDAT site under "Business date search"

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@Ned Carey, thanks Ned. I appreciate your advice. 

@William Matheis: thanks William, I'll check out the the website and see if I can find a copy of the deed. 

This post has been removed. has property tax info and where the tax bills are sent. You can always try property shark. They have an article on tracking down llc owners.

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