Will quiet title action clear a medicaid or bank lien?

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I purchased several tax liens in Alabama that are past the 3 year right of redemption period now. They're just vacant land, no residences. I've exchanged the "tax certificates" with the county for "tax deeds".

One property has a bank lien against it and another one has a Medicaid lien against it. Neither have come forward to redeem during the past 3 years.

I would like to sell the properties so I need to clear these liens.

Will Quiet Title Action do that? Assuming they don't show up to court or contest it which I don't suspect they will since they've had the opportunity over the past 4 years to do so.

Thanks for any help!

Also, if it's allowed in these forums, if someone knows an attorney near Birmingham that does these please let me know.

the only way to rid the property of the Medicaid lien, is to pay it. Since this is a federal lien, they don't have to redeem, it supersedes local and state liens. They could actually foreclose if they wanted too.

Thank you for the reply. I thought that may be the case with the medicaid lien although I thought that medicaid was state not federal. I have spoken to the local medicaid office about the lien. The lien was against an elderly lady who owned the property and passed away. Medicaid is willing to settle the lien at a reduced rate which is good because the lien is more than the property is worth. 

Any idea on the other property with the bank lien? It's just the original mortgage holder for the land from 2006.  They're just a typical national bank chain. 

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