What can biggerpockets offer me?

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I am new to this website here, how can I benefit from this site, I wanna learn how to flip properties and build my empire using this site...and from tax lien and deeds, any comments is appreciated thanx

Hey @Frank Valle  welcome to the site! 

What can BP offer?  

Here's a few thoughts: 

1.) Community - The Forums are the heart and soul of BP, where thousands of investors hang out and talk. They help answer questions, navigate sticky situations, encourage, and support. It's like nothing I've ever seen online.

2.) Build Relationships - From the people you meet on the site, you can send colleague requests, send private messages, meet for coffee, do business together, and in many other ways Network.

3.) Learn - BP is the world's largest collection of real estate information - all for free. Over 1,000,000 forum posts, thousands of blog posts, and more. 

4.) Analyze - Buying bad deals sucks. So you can use BiggerPockets to analyze potential deals using the Property Analysis Software. Plus you can print out PDF Reports to share with lenders, partners, cash buyers, a spouse, etc.  (Free users get 3 uses of the tools, Pro members get unlimited.)

Plus, there is a TON more. Check out BiggerPockets.com/tour for more and then jump into the community! The more you engage, the more successful you become. 

I think the title should read "What can you offer Biggerpockets".

Step back and spend days, nights, weekends and holidays absorbing all the information on this site then the sky is the limit as long as you have the DRIVE to get there.

Best of Luck!

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