Mature AZ Tax Liens

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 I came on today because I have a tax lien in AZ that I have been told I can foreclose on. I have contacted the owner of the property and the county with forclosure notification forms over 40 days ago. I have no idea what to do or how to do it. The main lady who handles Maricopa County (VICKY) is out for one month. Any suggestions?

I've hired an attorney to send the 30 day notice for me. I would suggest doing the same.

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I already sent the 30 day notice myself by certified mail to the county, the owner of the parcel, and the representative for the owner LLC company. The problem is the parcel is not big enough to build on. And it is in an alley way behind residential address.

Why would you want the property then ? It has no value and you will continue to pay taxes on it. Bite your losses and let the lien expire or put it on eBay for $1 and see if you get any bidders. I did that with a bad tax lien I bought (tax deed) - county sewer consultant said land was never perced after I got the land and contacted county again they then tell me it failed a perc in 1993. I sold lot on eBay and recouped my money plus some

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