Seeking info on tax lien agents

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Does anyone have any info on a compny called PIP group, good bad or in different. thay market themselves as a turn key lien service. I am a newbe trying to learn the different options how to invest in tax liens.

I have been to one of their presentations but I don't remember specifics. I have been buying tax liens certs for 10 years and I am skeptical of turn key providers. 

This is because I see a lot of big  companies make very poor tax lien investments. It is a very competitive business and many overbid.  It is a lot harder than it sounds from the guru pitches and there are risks in the business

Ned thanks for your responce. At the moment I am trying to absorb as much info as I can to see if this is a business I can enjoy and profit from. If you dont mind me asking how did you learn?

@Steve Karp I leaned some basics through a course. Then a tax lien attorney I met offered to talk with me if I bought him breakfast. I got an hours worth of legal advice for the price of a breakfast. We are still friends today.

I also leaned a lot by doing it, and also ready the tax law statutes in MD.

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