Sourcing Asset Managers for Notes

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Hey BP Community - 

I am new to note investing and I'm looking to start sourcing Asset Managers and Hedge Fund Managers in order to start getting tapes on available notes to purchase. 

I have heard of LaneGuide, which is a directory that provides contact information for lenders once you pay a yearly membership fee. 

Has anyone used LaneGuide, or is currently a member of LaneGuide? If so would you recommend them as a good resource to find Asset Managers and Hedge Fund Managers for the purpose of note investing? 

I appreciate the time!



@Wade Garrott

They do provide an excellent source. I do not have a subscription but I have seen it in use more than once and the information it provides. For the most part you will get the asset manager, bank, phone, address, and sometimes an email.  The price is not much for what you get.  Source them through linked in also.  Good luck and welcome to the note world! Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey Jay thanks for the thumbs up to LaneGuide, good to hear that you recommend them. That is great that you get the e-mail address sometimes for these contacts as well. 

I appreciate it, we'll be in touch!

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