Main Street Capital Partners Ron Happe

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I have experience with PPR regarding note investing and was looking to branch out to other companies that work with note investors.  I came across Main Street Capital Partners Ron Happe via a podcast and had a good conversation with him afterwards. 

Does anybody have any experience with Main Street Capital Partners - Ron Happe?

Account Closed - To add to your post, investing in a JV requires ALOT of due diligence on who you are investing with and making sure that person is a right fit. What is also important is spreading the word to others about bad actors in this space - for example the individual you mentioned was invited and hosting a REIA event earlier this week on how to raise money....

On the flip side, there are a lot of good actors in the space as well. You just have to thoroughly vet them. If there was only one question you could ask a sponsor to determine if they are legitimate it would be for them to show you a balance sheet and P&L statement for their last JV deal. Those that do not have that then have no clue how to manage their money. While some who have it may still be a bad actor, those who do not you can eliminate the proverbial low hanging fruit.