PA Tax sale property with one owner deceased

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Looking at buying a property on a tax repository list. Mortgage was released free and clear to property owners back in 93. They were husband and wife. The husband passed around the late 90s.

Will I run into a problem trying to title this property after a quiet claim etc. looking to hold onto it as a rental BUT I would be looking at putting around $35,000 into rehabbing the property.

This would be my first tax purchase and I have read about issues with notifications by counties etc. and with the husband recessed it worries me. Also any inheritance tax issues? With the wife still alive does it take away any of the risks?

Few thoughts:

1. Contact your title company about what it would take to make the property insurable. The link below basically describes what most title companies require.

2. There could be various estate and inheritance tax issues. Because it largely depends on the facts, there is really no way for us to comment on all the potential issues. If you think the deal is worth it, work with an attorney to minimize the risks. 

3. With the above in mind, when did the judicial sale take place? When did it end up in the repository?