Note Investing - US Tax Law changes

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Regarding the US Tax Bill being signed into law today, what does a reduction in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% mean to you AND/OR what does the capped 10k towards state/local/property tax deductions mean for you.

For those without a business, is it time to start one? 

For those with real estate holdings, is it time to sell some off?

For NOTES, is your thought to maintain or grow your portfolio rapidly?  

@Martin Saenz
I think people will be absorbing what it means but working for a developer (large commercial- billion + company) the new tax law is beneficial.

It is dependent upon everyone though. If you are in a higher wage bracket these passive investments will benefit you (I invest in notes) as your not paying your W-2 tax rate.

While of course pay attention to the tax laws I do not see them having a major impact on how I run my business. I will review with my CPA any revisions that we should make but it will not change the way I invest. The only change I see it has created is I am not selling any assets between now and the rest of the year (and have held off since the initial bill was proposed a month ago) as it has always appeared this was coming and selling this year vs next would of cost me $.

@Chris Seveney , great point on not selling any assets this year.  As for your work with a large company, the company will benefit and the hope is that they will spread the love so to speak.  I see a lot of companies investing more in FF&E and other expansion efforts that will help the smaller fish out there.  

I'm excited to see how 2018 shakes out.  This coming from a pessimist when it comes to external environments outside my control. Appreciate the input.