Texas Tax Sales Made Easier Workshop Review

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Ok I'll start off by saying that I am a newbie to REI. Considering this factor, we (my hubby and I) are still in the initial stage of consuming large amounts of new information and developing our own foundational real estate education! So glad we found BP to help us along the way!

Today I had the pleasure of attending a workshop (Texas Tax Sales Made Easier) led by (@Arnie Abramson ). I connected with Arnie here on BP when he welcomed my hubby and I to the BP family. Since our current 5 year goal is to acquire a portfolio of several appreciating cash flow rental properties and do some rehabbing along the way. Learning more about this type of real estate investing strategy is important to us. That being so, I was eager to take him up on the invite to the workshop.

I walked away from the 2-hour workshop earlier today with 8 pages of notes. Needless to say Arnie shared a lot of "valuable" information and I am very glad I attended. I have already learned that one of the (if not THE) most significant and critical skills to develop in order to be successful at REI is the skill of being able to analyze deals. Analyzing deals requires having/using information (or access to getting it) that helps to determine whether a property is a good deal OR...one you should walk away from! Thanks @Brandon Turner your webinars are "da bomb" (i.e. valuable and very helpful and definitely resonating with me!)

Anyway, this is what I valued most about the workshop today. It offered important (basic and fundamental) information about the process of property tax sales in Texas and some of the nuances that are a part of the process.  He also shared how to access the information that is necessary to be able to analyze whether a property might be a good deal or not. Of course there is only so much that can be done in 2 hours but to walk away with 8 pages of notes that we can use to help us continue to build our understanding is to me is worthy of giving Arnie a positive shout out! (Thanks Arnie!)

I don't now when/where he'll be doing another workshop in Texas. But if acquiring properties through tax sales is part of your strategy and you are in Texas I would definitely recommend connecting with Arnie! Ok, it's our 29th wedding anniversary weekend so time to get off the computer and go analyze the good deal I made 29 year ago ;-)!


@Johnna F. I'm  tagging you here specifically only because you mentioned in another post that it would be nice if I gave feedback after the workshop so here it is ;-)!

@Carla D Laskey ,

Thanks for sharing this.  

I haven't done any tax sales in the Great State of Texas... yet, but I have in other states.  The thing that I have learned is that when you like something, be sure to get with a title company to make sure you know what kind of liens are on a property. 

I'm glad you got some great info! We've gotta keep soaking up that knowledge and learning from others. Thanks for following up with all of us on bp. Hoping to hear more in the future. Good luck!