Alabama Certificate of Purchase, Redemption, & Quiet Title

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Three years ago I purchased a tax lien certificate and recently received the certificate of Purchase from the Etowah County Probate office.  My research showed no lienholders or probate will from the previous owner.  We have posted no trespassing signs and changed the locks.  Previous owner's family members, who live nearby, have not contacted us.

So, before we invest in necessary repairs for a roof and doors, should we order a title search and contact possible heirs?  I understand that Alabama has four redemption periods and that a quiet title action is recommended. But one attorney advised sending notifications then wait one year to file, and another told me we had to wait three years from the certificate of Purchase sale to file quiet title.  Thanks!

@Bonnie Moore , Please read my blog post about Alabama's tax sale redemption rights at the link below.  You should file an ejectment lawsuit against the heirs before you do any work at all. The property might be vacant and neglected, but it might not be legally abandoned. If you take DIY possession and do repairs, the heirs might claim your possession was unlawful and you are not entitled to be paid for those repairs. Also, you must burn off three years of lawful possession before you burn off judicial redemption rights.  If the possession is not lawful, then the three years never starts running.