Excess Proceeds for Tax Liens/Foreclosures

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My partner and I are looking to try and get into this field.  We have researched a bunch of states and doing our best to get things aligned.  My question is how do you get a list that is accurate and ready to be worked.  In some states the redemption period has to expire before you can claim the monies and so I was wondering if there was a way to acquire a list of names where redemption period has already expired and ready to be worked.

I don't know how you get a list, but I do know someone who does this and believes the way he does is it predatory.  I purchased a condo in Cincinnati and there was 20k in excess funds.  After the sale I found out the owner had dementia and was being leeched off of by her drug addicted family.  I told the owner about the excess funds and offered to help get them for her.  Another person send a letter about the same thing and offered to get her the funds at no cost, they would just split it 50/50.  Of course her family had her sign the contract, he hired an attorney to do all the work for $500 and got a check for $10k.  The owner already lost her condo, and now she got kicked while she was down.  In Cincinnati, an attorney can do it for $500.   Please, if you go into this field, cap the amount at $2,000 or something like that.

On a happier note.  I got the owner to sign up with a payee to handle her finances and am selling the condo back to her over time.  

Oh btw in Ohio, each county handles excess funds differently.