Getting Tax Delinquent List in Montana

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Hello, I'm trying to obtain a TD List in Missoula, MT and have found that it is much harder in this state to get one.

I was made aware that I must provide (in writing) my reason(s) for wanting this list, and *if* they approve of my "Why", then I will have access to this list.

I would like to know if anyone had a recommendation of what I should and/or shouldn't say when I fill this paper out for my County.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

You might try freedom of information request if nothing else works.   You might also try different taxing entities.  Some might be more friendly than others....for example in my area we have five different taxing entities.  Most people would start with the county who collects all our taxes, but you could also go to the school district, the hospital district, the water conservation district, etc.

Thank you! I had no idea about that!

Im not sure I understand though, what exactly would I ask at the school district?

Just ask for the tax list like I would at the courthouse?

And at the water place, I would just ask for the water shut off list?

Thank you!!