Tax Lien Investing

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@Jason Garner yes You buy them at the county auction or buy "Over the counter" the liens that did not sell at the auction.

How did you think you bought liens? Why did you question whether you can buy 1 at a time?

@Ned Carey I live in Ohio. So the amount of information I was initially receiving as a novice wasn’t very satisfying. Ohio doesn’t allow for individual certificate sales. They only sale as bundles and do not offer over the counter sales by law. Since I lived here, I wanted to start in the market here but I don’t have the capital to purchase those large bundles. I was aware that lien certificates could be bought at auctions, I wanted to be certain there weren’t any other options to purchase. Thank you for your response! By any chance do you know of any states that do allow individual purchases?

@Jason Garner most states sell individual liens which is why I asked. However I am aware that some areas only do large bundles.

Even within a state some counties may allow certificates to be sold after the sale and some may not. In MD, Montgomery county sells million dollar bundles but I buy individual lines in Baltimore county and Baltimore city.

There are some supposed secondary markets for liens. I was approached here by a guy trying to sell me some. Generally secondary market liens are crap. Be very cautious. 


notice in the Brevard County criteria for bidding and obtaining tax liens it makes reference to Florida Statutes which will govern all counties in Florida. Each County may be a little bit different and how they handle their liens so if you're interested in Florida you might want to do some research as to which counties would hold the best promise for placing your money and then look at their individual requirments.

Good hunting...