Are there investors who partner/JV on tax deeds / tax liens?

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Are there investors who partner on tax deeds / tax liens similar to how some JV on notes?

Is there a list on BP of tax lien investors or tax deed investors? I did some searching on BP but couldn't find much that is useful. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place.



Their is a whole section here on BP that discusses Tax Liens/Notes.

I have found friends/family to be my best source of private money for investing in tax liens.

My understanding is that tax deed / liens are very specialized based on state and city. 

I have some capital and understand that I can go to friends and family for more if needed but I’d prefer to partner with someone who has experience. 

I have tax deed in mind but would like a partner. Just not sure how to go about finding tax deed investors in upstate NY. I’ll call some local real estate attorney and go from there.