Assuming loans, liens, etc

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What are the best sources to find sources or properties to take over where I wouldn’t need financing. Such as taking over an existing loan, paying off current Liens etc. do you guys have a certain source for that or is it all insider info?

@Marco Morkous

The source is called hard work to find borrowers who do not want their house and you would take it subject to.

Is the reason you can’t get a new loan because of your credit? Even in these instances typically they will want to see your credit to confirm you can pay.

You can also look at land contracts where the seller provides owner financing - but again need to have ability to repay the loan

Pure're mailing, calling, knocking doors....talking to people...... lots of investors for example start with pre-foreclosures, tax delinquent lists, code violation lists, divorce lists, probate lists, etc.