Tax Lien Wealth Solutions (Melanie Finnegan) - Closed / Fraud?

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Hi BP Folks - Any active clients of Tax Lien Wealth Solutions (Melanie Finnegan) out there? She has been unresponsive for months (text, email, otherwise) / office phones disconnected.  Wanted to see if anyone knows what is going on (or have a responsive contact #) before getting legal team involved. Thanks

@Ned Carey

Love the thread.. first certified tax lien specialist.... in college we used to say I was the tallest of the short people.

Glad this person asked and hopefully didn’t give this person money. There is only about 100,000 posts on BP about due diligence on people before buying their programs

What kind of company was that?  I'd stay clear of anyone taking your money to reinvest in a Tax Lien Fund.  There could be a good one out there, but have not seen or heard of one.  Most seem like scams to me.