Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association (MNREIA)

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Hey locals,

I've been getting Mike Jacka's emails for quite some time about MNREIA. For those of you who don't know, MNREIA stands for "Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association."

As of yet, I haven't been able to attend a meeting. I know the first meeting is free, but the association really encourages people to pay the monthly/annual dues in order to join.

Is anyone on this site a member of MNREIA? I'd like to get some feedback from those who are members and live in Minneapolis or St. Paul. 

Is it worth the investment?

I went to one meeting. There was a lengthy presentation about title insurance, it seems like there is a different educational component to every meeting. Then everyone (100 people?) went around the room and introduced themselves and said their haves and needs. Then there was a little networking time at the end of the night.

I thought there wasn't enough networking time. For me, I feel I can educate myself faster and cheaper on my own. I just want to meet people.

It was only one meeting so maybe others are different, but I certainly wasn't sold on it.

I would prefer to get a less formal group together and skip right to the haves and needs and networking.

Is it worth the investment? I'd say its certainly worth the investment for one free meeting, then reassess.

I have been to this meeting a few times - it really depends on the topic - some are great with local investors and high value. Others are sales pitches - but that is how they make money so I can't fault them for that. Just like any group the networking is what you make of it. Always a good draw from new to very seasoned investors. 

Some  meetings are world class and well worth the price of admission even as a non-member.  I go 3 or 4 times a year depending on the topic.   Also a great place to meet wholesalers.  

I would agree with everyone's comments above as a member of MNREI. I think it's worth it because even if I get 1 deal or build 1 solid relationship with another investor it will pay for itself tenfold. 

Cheers, Sawyer 

I've been a member now for 6 months, and have attended several meetings. I find the educational component valuable, and I have met several people that are in my network now. 

I attended MNRei for the first time yesterday as a guest. It was nice, I didn't sign up for membership. I just wanted to get the feel of it. The part where members talk on the mic about their deals or what properties they are looking to buy was great. The speaker was good but there was the sales pitch at the end... I'd say just leave your wallet home when you go there.

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