Asian Sellers in the Twin Cities, Need Cultural Insight

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Disclaimer: Before I'm labeled as being racist, I want to recognize that every culture has it's idiosyncrasies. I just need some help understanding Asian culture, especially as it pertains to the Asian groups in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Twin Cities.

Ok, now that is out of the way...

One thing I've observed through my marketing efforts is that nearly every Asian caller I work with is unwilling to allow me to ask some clarifying questions about their property.

They call me back and say, "How much you pay my house?" When I try to ask about the condition of the exterior or interior, I'm met with frustration and impatience.

I have made sure to tweak my marketing so it's not like most mailings you see: "I want to buy your house at 1234 Main Street." My phrasing is more like, "I'm looking to buy a house and yours may meet my criteria."

Does anyone have insight with how to deal with this type of attitude? 

Perhaps they're just not motivated, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something culturally.

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