Property Leads for wholesalers

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Hello all,

I wanted to give wholesalers (and RE agents) info on a property leads website that I found out about.

It's called iMapp & Joe Balber with PropertyKey is the point of contact. BP won't allow me to give out his email & phone number, so you can email me & I will give you his info.

Some of the things I was able to do was generate a lists of probate, inherited properties, delinquent taxes & vacant properties. It also has links to the county treasurer, zillow, Google maps & to comparable properties. He said that Code Violations were going to be searchable soon & possibility MLS properties too.

Is this site nationwide? How do they compile their data? I'm curious how they would know if a property is vacant or not.. Sounds interesting.

I don't think the company is nationwide. From my understanding they started in Florida a few years back & are now adding Minnesota. 

I'm not a rep for the company, so I don't know how they gather the data.

When I search "property use" residential-vacant is one of the options.

I can give you his info? He likes informing investors about the company. 

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