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Can anyone recommend an attorney that could help me draft up an operating agreement, bylaws etc for an LLC I have established. I also need a quit claim deed to transfer another property into it.



Hey yall,

I'm a newbie here, so not sure if this is allowed (based on my quick read of the Rules, I think it is). I'm an attorney in Minneapolis for a small business firm that does this stuff all the time (i.e., set up LLCs and draft OAs). 

(If any admins or BP pros know that this kind of self-promotion is disallowed, I would be interested in hearing how people are allowed/not to connect for biz purposes here. If it matters, my overall goal is to learn about REI for my own purposes; thread just seemed too close to what I do on the daily not to say anything.)

Late to the game here (just signed up). If you hire a real estate attorney, as with all new business, ask hard questions before hand. What specific areas of real estate law do you practice? Transactions? Litigation? General? Some attorneys focus more on business, some on landlord tenant, some development and entitlements, some a garden variety with no specialty. Ideally you find a real estate attorney who can offer most of what you want. Minnesota State Bar Association has a "Real Property Specialist" designation given to attorneys who complete classes, an exam, and positive peer review. That is one indicator. Happy past clients are also a good indicator. Lastly, buyer beware based upon hourly rate alone. A low hourly rate may translate into savings and may not. For instance, an attorney may possess edited forms that translate into low total hourly bills. As an example, I work in landlord tenant law daily and rarely draft new documents from scratch, but my hourly rate requires me to sell past others with low hourly rates. Also, don't be shy to ask for a flat rate for a service as well. It may not be advertised, but an attorney may agree to a specific scope for a flat fee. Flat fees are common in new LLC work and residential eviction work. Good luck to you all!

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