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I've been reserching properties in the Minneapolis area.  Looking at areas lik Crystal, Golden Valley, Brooklyn Park, New Hope, Robbinsdale.  Any pro's and con's to these areas?  Is there an area here that is really good for Multi-family/SFD?

They are all good, Brooklyn Park is a little rough. It seems that Robbinsdale seems to have more inventory. It's tough finding something with a limited geographical area. The areas you selected are what I call Goldilocks areas not too rough, but not too nice to drive prices too high for investment properties.

Hi Amber,   When you say Brooklyn Park is rough do you mean the neighborhood is rough or finding a deal is rough. You also said my geographical location was limited. Do you have any suggestions.

Investing in those cities will be fine. There are some bad pockets, but overall those areas are solid C-B areas. I personally have or have had properties in all of those cities.

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