Real Estate Agent West Metro Minneapolis

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Hi All,

I'm just beginning my journey with real estate investing and am looking for referrals for agents that know and invest themselves in the west metro/ Minneapolis area.  Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Patrick!

I'm an agent/investor and live in Plymouth.  I'll shoot you  a connection request.  

I know you're just beginning your journey but what type of investing interests you the most?

There are quite a few meetups around.  Check on for more. MNREIA puts on quite a few meetups.  @Jordan Moorhead does his own meetup as well.  I have been to a MNREiA meetup but have not been to any others as they usually occur when I am still at work, so I cannot speak for the other meetups.  I believe @Amber Gonion hosts a meetup as well.  

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