Minneapolis Renter's Protection Ordinance

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Hi everyone,

I received the following email from the City of Minneapolis and wanted to see if anyone had more information and get a sense on people's opinions. 

As you may already know, Council President Lisa Bender and Council Member Jeremiah Ellison are co-authoring a Renter’s Protections Ordinance set for adoption in early 2019. The purpose of this ordinance is to remove barriers for our constituents to access rental housing, to ensure people are living in safe and healthy conditions and to address rising concerns about displacement. As landlords, you know well that our city is a majority renter population and we look forward to working with you to craft policies that support access to this important housing in our city. We know that many of you bring significant expertise and experience that will help us craft the best policy possible for our city.

While I can't find anything on the city's website about this proposed Renter's Protection Ordinance, I did find a Star Tribune story that gives a little detail on what is being proposed-

Does anyone have details on this? Is this something we should be worried about as a landlord community? There are definitely some aspects that seem very concerning, but I want to ensure I'm not misunderstanding anything before I start emailing council members.

I have heard bad things about this but have not done my research yet. 

- rent caps

- deposit caps

- relocation/eviction fees

- zoning changes

- section 8 rules. 

I think there was a townhall/council meeting last night?

Star tribune had an article. 

My understanding is that this supports the 2040 plan goals and directives, but it does not fall under the ordinances that have so far been discussed at the open forum meetings, so I think it's a different beast. But I could certainly be wrong.

This is what I've heard from Lisa Bender herself (few days ago) - "We are in the early stages of developing ideas but have been considering capping the number of months rent that can be requested".

@Brad Schaeppi please do share that draft! Thank you 

@Pavel Ushakov thanks for sharing.  There are three different City of Minneapolis ordinances:  1)  Conduct on Premises (passed), 2) Advanced Sale Ordinance (passed), and 3)  the Renter's Protection Ordinance (in the works).  Stay tuned.  I will do my best to summarize and comment on everything as it is proposed and or/or passed.  In my own personal opinion, I believe there will be litigation in the future as to State pre-emption of at-will tenancy notice under Minnesota Statute 504B and these new municipal regulations that seek to regulate the same area of law in a more stringent manner.  

This is the latest I received (no specific language).  I believe this is gov't speak for no public language is available while Council works on their draft.  Anyone--free free to chime in if they were successful to obtain.  



Hello Mr. Schaeppi. The ordinance referenced in the legislative file page linked above has not been submitted to the Clerk’s office as yet. 

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