Twin Cities, MN Wholesale market

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Hello all,

For any wholesalers in the Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN area. How competitive is the market here and if you don't mind sharing, when was your last closing on a deal? Thank you!

Lee Y

Welcome @Lee Yang ! I do some wholesaling in the area, but not full-time/exclusively. Competitive is hard to say, as it can be a matter of perspective. I'm sure it's less competitive than certain areas, and more competitive than others. However, I can say that people are definitely going after it. You can't just assume deals will fall on your lap, so it'll take work. My best recommendation would be to consider a niche you would want to go after and invest more heavily there than trying to stretch yourself too thin. Hope that's helpful, and welcome to the BP community!

Not consistently. I don't do it full-time, and I have young kids at home, so it's hard season (most are evenings). There are plenty of Meetups in the area, which can be a bit more niche specific, so it depends on your desires.

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