EPA Lead Cerification

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Hi Everyone, I had a section-8 inspection recently and I was told that there are several windows with chipped paint and it needs to scraped and repainted to pass the inspection. I am having a hard time finding contractors (painters) with EPA Lead certification. I looked into getting the certification myself but not sure if that's going to help. Has anyone run to issues like this in Minneapolis , Saint Paul area and any recommendations on how to resolve this issue ?  

@Chintaka R.

Have you tried looking on the EPA’s website for certified contractors?

Have you tried lead test kits? Maybe the paint is chipping because it’s old/bad paint? Or, are you past that and you do not you need to? Even if you test yourself not sure if it will satisfy section 8 (assuming it’s negative)

 Thank you, @David M.  I have a list of Minnesota contractors that I called. Most of them are not interested in a small job such as this. I have about 6 windows need painted.The house is build in 1920 so there is high probability of lead paint there.  I haven't tested the areas yet. Since section-8 is going to perform a contamination test prior to approval. I don't want to take any chances. I'd like to get this done and move on.

@Chintaka R.

Hmm... How about asking some of the local paint stores for recommendations of painters that will handle this?  Actually most trade stores don't like to give out recommendations in fear of giving out a potential "bad referral."  But, my paint store does and will try to match you with the right painter for the job.

I had same problem...no one wants to take on small jobs.  I would consider wrapping them with aluminum.

Every GC has to be lead certified after 1 year so you can go that route, or as in the case of any section 8, you should be setting your places up for a passing grade by doing the work in advance.  Anyone who rents should be taking care of paint chips ect in windows.  It's just good maintenance but an easy thing to let slide.  I know I have been a little guilty of not checking every time tenants move out but it should be part of any landlord's protocol as it also takes care of long term issues.

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