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Does anyone own a rental (duplex or SFR) in Dayton's Bluff and/or have experience or knowledge about the area? I know the neighborhood isn't highly rated in relation to other areas in St Paul but I'd like to know of any problems an owner has dealt with if any. How long do your tenants tend to stay? How about security? Things along these lines. Thanks!

Have lived in Dayton’s Bluff for the past 6 years and recently started looking for investment properties in the area. I currently own a triplex and a SF in the suburbs and would not have previously felt comfortable buying in East Saint Paul. Now, after become more familiar with the area, I feel parts could be gentrifying. The quality of the neighbors can change block by block. Trulia’s crime rate map seems to be a fairly accurate indicator of the troubled areas.

I am a new member and interested in connecting with anyone speculating in the Dayton’s Bluff area.

Daytons Bluff isn't terrible. It's all about the risk/reward. Higher margins, a little higher of a risk. Nothing like North Minneapolis (from my experience). Although I'm the type to jump right into North as well (hey... the margins are there!). I have had minimal problems with tenants and tenant placing in the East Side, although, this is largely related to the personal relationships I keep with my tenants. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions. Otherwise, I may just have a couple good rentals in the area for you! =) 


- C

Hello fellow Minnesotans,

I am new to the game but diving in to learn rapidly. Not looking to make any moves before I learn the ropes! Guessing this site is going to be an invaluable learning experience.

Nice to meet you guys,


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