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Hi! I'm trying to find a good investor friendly real estate agent to help me with buy and hold multi-family rentals in St Paul. Would some of you mind sharing any great recommendations or even just some insight into the strategy you used to find the right person to work with? 

Hi! I'm an investor friendly agent =) 

Hi @Daniel Godbout ,

The best way I have found to find a good and reliable Agent is to get referrals from friends or family or anyone that has worked with an agent that caters to your specific needs.

Also ask about their real estate investment portfolio and experiences. Before I got my license I would require any agent I worked with to show me their portfolio.

Another thing to keep in mind is how many clients the agent currently has, as an investor you want speed. Not sure what your investment strategy is but you will probably need any agent that can get you comps fast to come up with ARV. You want to make sure the agent doesn't have to many clients or you might end up at the bottom of their priority list.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I see your from Oceanside, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton for 5 years. Loved the weather out there.

@Daniel Godbout the best way to find an agent to work with is to get referrals from your local REI meetings.

@Amy Ranae that's the first response I imagined! Easy setup, lol! Read your background info (congrats on closing on your personal investment). I'd definitely be interested in talking to you more about your background working with other investors and what I'm working on. Will send a direct message your way.

Cha Yang that's solid advice. Thank you & that's awesome that you were based out here. Small world. Weather is really nice, but a slight seasonal change would be nice when Thanksgiving comes around! I'll take the fall season in MN.

@Brandon L. I definitely need to get over to one of the local events here. Not sure how much it would help for out of state referrals, but you never know. Either way, definitely want to be networking more. Good tip! & thank you.

@Daniel Godbout

@Ryan Luthi is an excellent realtor specializing exclusively with investors including off-market properties. He & his father invest in East St Paul so you really can't-do better than Ryan.

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