in need of conventioal mortgage for non owner occupiedduplex(llc)

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are there any finacing avaible to re finance a duplex into a conventional mortgage when buying with a llc?

non owner occupied

@Adam Irvin There is no such thing. Here are the exact Conventional guidelines as published by Fannie Mae (Freddie Mac's are the same). This means it is not up to the lender to decide, or in other words, no matter how hard or far you look you cannot finance an LLC with a conventional loan.

Having said that I do offer investor loans in Minnesota in the name of an LLC, but they are not conventional loans.

Link to confirm

General Borrower Eligibility Requirements

Fannie Mae purchases or securitizes mortgages made to borrowers who are natural persons and have reached the age at which the mortgage note can be enforced in the jurisdiction where the property is located. There is no maximum age limit for a borrower.

Exceptions to the requirement that borrowers be natural persons are:

  • inter vivos revocable trusts,
  • HomeStyle Renovation mortgages, and
  • land trusts in those states where the beneficiary is an individual. (Note: Fannie Mae permits land trusts on a negotiated basis for states where land trusts are widely accepted.)



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