Tenant Eviction Process in MS

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I am looking at buying a property that has an existing tenant that will probably have to be evicted. Can someone explain the tenant eviction process in MS? Process? Costs?

For Madison county, I gave the 3 day notice (had them sign it). If they haven't come current by the end of the 3rd day, go to justice court and file for eviction. Cost was $50 for one tenant and $25 for each additional tenant. That was not to get any money back. It was more to ask for money. They do the notice by the constable and give a court date, usually several weeks out. Show up for court and see what happens.
So for our house in Ridgeland, MS with 2 tenants, the cost was $75.

In Rankin county it was the same. You can choose if you want the court to go after the back rent, or if you simply want them gone. If you choose to go after the unpaid rent, then you will pay more. Make sure that you do this prior to going to court. If you didn't choose this option and change your mind, you can tell the judge and he/she will let you pay the increased amount and go after the unpaid amount.     Mississippi is owner-friendly when you have the proper documents and serve the 3-day notice.